Watch: Why a Canterbury artist won’t tattoo partner’s names

By Arlen James

Whether you are young or old, tattoos are a huge part of many people’s lives, and if you have ever had one you probably would have had the ‘you know that is for life, right?’ comments made by Mr and Mrs obvious.

Although it can be tedious to hear every time you go under the needle, it is true and should be taken into consideration with every piece of artwork you want, especially if you ever think of getting your other half’s name tattooed across your chest in size 250 font.

Imaginably, it must be a great gesture for someone to want you permanently displayed on their body, but do not be too hasty about it, ink is more permanent than relationships.


Watch Finn Guthrie, an enthusiastic tattoo artist at Zink Studios in Canterbury, tell The Report why he does not tattoo partner’s names.


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