4 top tips when getting your first tattoo

By Arlen James

Going to get your first tattoo is a very exciting and daunting experience, and don’t be concerned if you start to worry about it. Here are the Ink Reports top tips with help from Zink Studios’ Finn Guthrie.

1. Take your time.
Photo by Arlen James

Regretting a tattoo is a fear of many, but so long as you research your artist and set your heart on a design, instead of rushing into the first thing you see, everything will be fine. Finn explained: “With your first tattoo you have got to be careful not to overthink it, it can be easy to worry about it especially with the fear you will regret it.”


2. Eat well.

Getting a tattoo can be a painful experience, and even the best and toughest of us might not be quite up for it. However, if you make sure you have eaten well before a tattoo, it will make it a lot more bearable. Finn said: “I always take a bottle of coke with me, some sweets and a fry up a little while before.

“When your body’s going through the trauma of getting tattooed, it is pushing your blood toward the effected area, expanding the bloody sugar, which is where you can start feeling light headed and faint. Prepare for it with the mindset ‘this is going to be draining’, and make sure you have something to help you regain your energy.”

3. Research your artists.

This is a must, no matter what design you want make sure you research various artists that specialise in the style you want. This might mean finding an artist that you have to travel far for, but for something that is on your body for the rest of your life, it is worth it. Finn said: “It’s probably the most important thing, research your artist. Don’t just think ‘oh we’ve got a tattooist in our town, I’ll just go there because I know he does tattoos.’

“Lets say you wanted a horse tattoo, do you want a realistic one? a geometrical one? a traditional one? etc. Once you’ve decided that, then Google and Instagram artists that specialise in each style.”

4. Don’t get ‘fashionable’ tattoos.

Tattoos are amazing forms of art that have the potential to be completely unique. We understand there are a lot great designs out there and popular tattoos are obviously popular for a reason. But, for your first tattoo, take as much time as you can thinking about what you want, get something that you will be able to proudly remember as your first.


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