Canterbury tattooist has a warning for those wanting neck tattoos

By Arlen James

A Canterbury tattoo artist has warned people thinking of getting tattoos on their neck, saying the artists are only interested in the money.

Finn Guthrie, a passionate artist who began his inking career in Whitstable and now works at Zink Studios on the high street, has often refused to tattoo clients on their neck, hands and face.

Zink Studios, Canterbury. Photo by Arlen James.

He explained: “In my personal opinion, any shops that says ‘oh yeah sure I’ll do it on your neck, no problem I can do that’, they are not places you want to be tattooed at.

“Because they are the people that just want your money, they do not really care about the art.”

Finn Guthrie. Photo by Arlen James.

Certain risks will come alongside tattoos on your neck, hands and face, usually to do with employment as many companies will require tattoos to be concealable.

Many tattoo parlours will refuse to complete tattoos in very prominent places due to the negative affects they can have on securing a job.

But, Finn does have some exceptions: “I would only tattoo the hands and necks of my friends or people that I know are in a very secure position.”

Just a few of Finn’s collection. Photo by Arlen James.

Employer’s policies on tattoos in the work place will vary throughout each different company and the line of work they entail, so before you decide to get a tattoo make sure you check the company’s policy.

Attitudes on tattoos seem to be slowly changing, some may even increase the chances of you getting employed. See what Dr Andrew Timming’s research found.


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